Perception and Practice of Public Relations among Municipality Employees in Ethiopia

Perception and Practice of Public Relations among Municipality Employees in Ethiopia


Hawassa University, Ethiopia
© Media Watch 9 (3) 437-446, 2018
DOI: 10.15655/mw/2018/v9i3/49492

The main focus of this study was to assess the perception and practice of public relations by municipality employees in Ethiopia. This study used mixed method of research approach (qualitative and quantitative). Purposive sampling was applied to collect data from 45 employees of the various municipalities from the 11 zones in Ethiopia. Additionally 12 top managers were purposively chosen for interview to ascertain the practice of PR. Observation was also applied in addition to the interview to supplement and triangulate data. The quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and the qualitative data were analyzed thematically. The results of the quantitative data showed that, the employees had positive perception of public relations. The interview result showed that the practice is limited due to the lack of funds and expertise.