Join as Reviewer

Join as Reviewer

Media Watch (ISSN 0976 0911, e-ISSN 2249 8818) is an international peer reviewed mass communication and media journal Published from India having three issues in a year. The journal encourages national and international media scholars, media professionals and post-graduate students to submit scholarly articles, critical essays, research findings, book reviews, opinion pieces, examining a wide range of issues in journalism, media and communication.

Media Watch caters towards the research interests of communication scholars, professionals and teachers, so we welcome peer reviewers on any area of mass media, communication and journalism. We are particularly interested in hearing from media experts and researchers who have expertise in these areas.

Peer reviewing is a great chance to develop scholarly skills and is great to put on your CV. The role of peer reviewer involves the anonymous reviewing of one or (at most) two articles with your focus as reviewer to assess the article’s academic standard.

If you would like to participate in this excellent opportunity, please respond to our e-mail indicating your acceptance, and also your area of expertise, be that journalism, mass communication, film/television studies, radio, new and traditional media, Internet studies, or whichever area within media, communications and cultural studies you are comfortable reviewing.

Peer reviewing does not have to be too much work and is an essential part of academic life. So if you would like to take up this invitation and interested to join Media Watch as a Reviewer, please send your CV and a brief summary of your specific expertise and interests at: We will make sure you are included in the database.

All selected reviewers must adhere and follow the guidelines formed by Media Watch editorial board

  • Reviewers must critically review the assigned paper in specified time frame of Media Watch journal.
  • Reviewers must follow the full double blind international refereeing process to ensure the quality review.
  • All the review feedbacks must be provided in written e-format.
  • Reviewers must highlight the parts of submitted manuscripts that require amendments from authors. The expert reviewer suggestions will be value added.
  • The paper will be reviewed by the same reviewer once the suggested changes are done in reviewed paper.
  • Editorial board of Media Watch has every right to override any suggested changes by reviewers and their decision should not be ruled out by reviewer.