Free Access Collection

Article | 1st January 2020 | OPEN
Dialogue as a Problem Area of Communication between the Authorities and the Public
Ludmila Viktorovna Orlova, Zinadbanu Mukhanovna Musina, & Balganym Talapovna Dzhanikesheva

Article | 1st January 2020 | OPEN
Diversity of News Sources in Climate Change Reporting in Pakistani Press
Rashid Ali Khuhro, Hamedi Mohd Adnan, Mohsin Hassan Khan, & Rohail Asgha

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
US Presidential Elections 2016: A Comparative Study of Media Coverage of CNN and FOX News
Rohail Asghar, Mohsin Hassan Khan, Rashid Ali Khuhro, Hamedi Mohd Adnan, & Sara Hamad Alqurain

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
Characteristics of Highly Cited Articles in Communication (1989 to 2018): A Web of Science-Based Analysis
Shankar Reddy Kolle, Manukonda Rabindranath, & T. H. Shankarappa

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
Does Augmented Reality Augment the Experience? A Qualitative Analysis of Enjoyment for Sports Spectators
Ryan Rogers, Keith Strudler, Avery Decker, & Anna Grazulis

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
Media and YouTube Appeal in Social Movement Mobilization: The Case of Anti-Tourism Incident
Minos-Athanasios Karyotakis, Matinakiourexidou, & Nikos Antonopoulo

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
Perspectives on Violence on Screen: A Critical Analysis of Seven Samurai and Sholay
Shipra Gupta & Swati Samantaray

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
Fake News and Social Media: Indian Perspective
Aasita Bali & Prathik Desai

Article | 1st May 2019 | OPEN
Recognizing the Role of Blogging as a Journalistic Practice in Kazakhstan
Madina Bulatova, Olga Kungurova, Elena Shtukina

Article | 1st May 2019 | OPEN
Relations 2.0, Strategies of
Friendship Management on Facebook in Tunisia
Amor Ben Amor & Saddek Rabah

Article | 1st January 2019 | OPEN
We Are Not Parasites: Intergroup Differentiation in the User-Generated Content of Nigerian News Media
Babatunde Raphael Ojebuyi & Abiodun Salawu

Article | 1st September 2019 | OPEN
Digital Journalism: Theorizing on Present Times

Article | 1st May 2019 | OPEN
The Effects of Social Media on Family Communication in the UAE

Article | 1st May 2019 | OPEN
The New Media and the Promotion of Ecological Entrepreneurship
Rajendra Kumar Dash & Amarendra Kumar Dash

Article | 1st May 2019 | OPEN
Chaos and Stability in The Crucible

Article | 1st January 2019 | OPEN
Public Perceptions towards Media Coverage of Panama Papers in Pakistan
Asif Arshad, Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Ans, & Hina Adeeb

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Impact of Media on Shaping Ethno-Cultural Stereotypes in British and Russian Young People
I.N. Chudnovskaya & M.E. Lipatova 

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Television in the Development of Information Society Culture in Kazakhstan
Ulbossyn M. Yessenbekova

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Mediated Communication and Commoditization of the Female Gender Discourse Analysis Indian News Magazines
Sharda Adhikari & Silajit Guha

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Gender Differences and Political Deliberations on Social Media
Pankaj Jain, Damyanti Sodha & Mamta Pankaj Jain

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Perception and Practice of Public Relations among Municipality Employees in Ethiopia
Spurgeon & Bereket Wondimu

Article | 1st January 2019 | OPEN
Analysing the Concepts of Sexual Harassment: From Reel to Real in Hindi Cinema
Mitashree Tripathy

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Arab Opinion Leaders’ Attitudes and Perceptions towards the Coverage of Da’esh News by Arab and non-Arab TV News Services
Mohamed Al-Qudah, Abdulkrim Ziani & Menawer Alrajehi

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
System of Technologies for Building the Information Space Coverage Tools
Patyukova R.V., Minskaya A.N., Sergienko V.A., & Tarasenko, E.V.

Article | 1st September 2018 | OPEN
Brand Marketing Trends in Russian Social Media
Veronika Yu. Chernova, Oksana V. Tretyakova,
& Andrey I. Vlasov